Schools and Community Service Organizations


Are you a campus or community service organization looking to attract new members?

Are you committed to providing unique and innovative community service programming?

Do you want to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships among your constituents?


Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs are innovative philanthropic workshops designed to augment and amplify your existing community service offerings.  These programs are all about making connections:

  • Building teams by connecting participants to each other
  • Building engagement by connecting participants to you, the sponsoring organization
  • Building social impact by connecting participants to the communities in which they live and work

Hands On! Philanthropy provides a structured, hands-on, shared educational experience – as they participate with their peers, your participants will give a voice to the values and passions that matter to them the most, and they will gain the clarity needed to take action.

Hands On! Philanthropy is designed to be fun, thought-provoking, and educational.  It provides an experience that will grow your participants as individuals, enhance the culture of your organization, and help you make a visible impact in your community.  

Build a Community. Serve the Community.


Who We Help

We help campus organizations provide innovative and compelling community service programs in order to attract and engage more students. 

Our clients understand that one of the most powerful tools campus organizations have for attracting new students is their community service programming. Today’s students understand the value of giving back and they want to make an impact. They seek out experiences that help build skills and strengthen their resumes, adding a fresh, distinctive, new facet to their personal brands.   

The challenge is that the typical community service programs of the past are no longer enough. They no longer serve to differentiate the organizations that sponsor them. And they do little to set students apart from their peers as they look stand out in the eyes of potential employers. Organizations need to provide innovative and unique options if they want to set themselves apart in the hearts and minds of the students they are looking to attract.   

How We Help

Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs help campus organizations engage students, build relationships, foster professional and personal skills, and in turn boost the impact of their community service programs.   

We encourage students to think differently about the assets they have and the role community service can play in helping to craft their personal brands. We bring participants together and guide them as they clarify and articulate their philanthropic values, passions and vision. Students are introduced to the concept of purposeful philanthropy, and how an intentional, well thought out approach to giving can lead to greater impact. In effect, they develop the equivalent of a business plan for their community involvement.  

Outcomes We Deliver

Students enjoy an experience that fosters their personal and professional skills, stregthens their dedication to the campus organization they are associated with, and makes a huge and visible impact in the community. The campus organizations we serve get great press and social media coverage, highly energized and engaged members, and an inspired new group of advocates.