The Legacy Philanthropy Group was founded to build bridges between nonprofits that provide the programs, expertise and infrastructure to make an impact in our communities, and the individuals and organizations that support the missions of these nonprofits with their time, talents, and money. 

We build these bridges by helping our clients develop the knowledge and skills required to identify, build and foster connections based on a shared vision and a commitment to work together towards a shared mission. 

On the giving side of the equation, our Hands On! Philanthropy and Family Philanthropy Roadmap programs help  participants figure out what's important to them and provides them with the tools, skills, and structure needed to work collaboratively to identify and evaluate nonprofits that share their values and vision.

Build A Million Bridges is our initiative to track our results.  It's really more than an initiative though... it's a movement and we invite you to join! In our view, every connection we help make is a bridge built between two parties that will last for years to come.  It is a bridge built between participants as they build deeper relationships.  It is a bridge built between your organization, its leadership, and your stakeholders.  And it is a bridge built to span the gap between the purposeful philanthropists we've helped foster and the causes they support.    

Through Build A Million Bridges, we plan to track those connections being made through our Hands On! Philanthropy and Family Philanthropy Roadmap programs and aggregate that number with an initial goal of making 1 million connections.  Think about one program that has 20 participants and decides to support 5 different nonprofits.  Each participant makes 19 connections with their colleagues, one (really strong) connection with your organization, and 5 connections with nonprofits in their communities that share their vision and mission.  That’s 25 new connections per participant, and there are 20 participants!  So with one workshop we’ve made 500 new unique connections. We’ve built 500 bridges based on a shared mission and a shared commitment to make an impact in our communities.   And together, we are off to the races!  We suspect we’ll hit 1 million before long, and look forward to renaming ourselves Build A Billion Bridges when we do!  

Hands On! Philanthropy Bridge Builders

University of Wisconsin


2017-2018 StartUp Learning Community

270 Bridges Built!

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