Are your board members uncomfortable talking about (much less asking for) money?

Are your board members hesitant about sharing their personal and professional contacts?

What is your plan for turning board members into friendraising superstars?

Our Ambassador Excellence programs are designed to more fully engage your board members and amplify the impact they have on your mission. These  capacity-building programs are all about developing boards with the knowledge and skills they need to excel: 

  • Embracing their role in community outreach
  • Sharing their personal connections and passions for your organization
  • Inspiring supporters to join you based on a shared commitment to your organization’s mission   

Our Ambassador Excellence programs provide structured, interactive, hands-on coaching and workshops. They are designed to be fun, thought-provoking and educational. Board members gain the competence and confidence they need to become more effective nonprofit Ambassadors as they fulfill their roles as fundraisers, public advocates and in mission delivery.   

With our Ambassador Excellence programs, you can provide an experience that will bond your board members, connect them to your staff and leadership, and help you achieve your mission. 

Energize Your Board. Maximize Your Impact.


Who We Help

We help nonprofit organizations get more impact from their board members when it comes to fundraising and friendraising. 


Our clients understand that their Board of Directors is one of their most valuable assets. Board members are typically successful, savvy, and well-connected individuals, but they are often uncomfortable when it comes to reaching out to help their nonprofits raise the critical support needed to accomplish the mission.

The challenge is that most nonprofits work really hard to recruit board members, set expectations, and then hold their boards accountable for raising the support they need to accomplish their mission. But even when most board members know what is expected of them, they lack the knowledge and skills they need to be comfortable and successful Ambassadors on behalf of the organization. They’re uneasy when it comes to talking about money, and reluctant to share their cherished personal and professional contacts because they don’t know what the donor experience is going to be like. In short, board members know what they ought to be doing as friendraising Ambassadors, but they don’t know how to go about it. Nonprofits need to help their board members get more comfortable with the tasks they ask their board members to perform, or the result will be less impact in achieving the organization’s mission.

How We Help

Our Ambassador Excellence programs help nonprofits provide board members the fresh perspectives, knowledge and skills they need to be more impactful as Ambassadors on behalf of their organizations. 

We help board members think about their roles differently. It’s no longer about asking for money. It’s about inviting potential donors and supporters to join hands in pursuit of the organization’s mission – to be a part of something inspiring and worthwhile and impactful. 

Outcomes We Deliver

Board members enjoy an experience that bonds them to each other, fosters their personal and professional skills and inspires them as they fulfill their roles as fundraisers, public advocates and in mission delivery. Our clients, the nonprofits we serve, get highly energized and effective board members and an inspired group of motivated Ambassadors.