Individuals and Families


What are the core values that motivate your giving and influence the causes you choose to support?

How and when do you want to share those values and passions with those you care about?

Do you have a plan in place to guide you as you make giving decisions and build family traditions?

Our Family Philanthropy Roadmap programs are a series of gatherings and workshops designed to engage and inspire you and your entire family. These programs are all about making impact and building family traditions through giving:

  • Bringing generations together to share family stories
  • Clarifying and articulating core values while building philanthropic knowledge and skills
  • Creating a future vision for the family and proactively crafting a meaningful and lasting legacy

Our Family Philanthropy Roadmap programs are structured, interactive, hands-on workshops. They are designed to be fun, thought-provoking, and educational.  As you work together, you and your family will rethink the relationship between wealth, philanthropy and legacy.  You will give a voice to the values and passions that matter to you the most, and you will gain the clarity needed to take action.


Through the Family Philanthropy Roadmap programs your family will learn that philanthropy is not just about money.  Together you will begin to write the stories that will be told for generations.

Maximize Your Impact. Craft Your Legacy.


Who We Help

We help individuals and families make a bigger difference in their communities and proactively craft their legacies by adopting a purposeful, intentional approach to their philanthropy.

Our clients understand, first and foremost, that philanthropy is not just about giving away money. Most individuals and families already give – whether it’s to their house of worship, the university they attended, community organizations, or fundraising projects in their children’s schools - but they do so without taking the time to think about the world they would like to help create. Our clients understand that their family traditions are the stories they create, every day of their lives, as they choose how they’ll share the values, passions and visions they hold dear with those around them. Finally, our clients know that giving feels good, and when done with purpose and intention, it can impact them, their families, or the businesses they run just as much or more than it does the recipient. 

The challenge is that they are accustomed to working with an array of financial and legal advisors to carefully accumulate, grow and protect their financial assets, but they struggle to apply these same thoughtful planning principles when it comes to managing the returns they get when they invest their time, talent and money in support of their communities. 

How We Help

Our Family Philanthropy Roadmap programs provide individuals and families the fresh perspectives, knowledge and skills they need to be more impactful when it comes to their giving. 

We bring individuals and their families together and guide them as they clarify and articulate their philanthropic values, passions and vision. They then use that clarity to put a purposeful plan of action in place to honor those values and maximize the impact they can make in the community. We encourage our clients to think differently about their wealth and the role philanthropy can play in helping to craft family traditions and legacy. Our clients are introduced to the concept of purposeful philanthropy, and how an intentional, well thought out approach to giving can lead to greater impact. 

Outcomes We Deliver

Our clients learn that philanthropy is not all about money. They enjoy an educational and thought-provoking experience that brings generations together and inspires them as they get clear on the difference they wish to make, find their unique philanthropic voices, and craft lasting family traditions. Ultimately, our clients learn how to appreciate and teach their heirs the difference between valuables and values; between making a living and making a life; and between success and significance.    

Please note: We do not manage assets or provide legal or financial advice.  Nor do we sell or receive any compensation from the sale of financial or legal products.  We are, however, happy to collaborate with your existing financial, legal or tax advisors as appropriate.  

LPG founder Jay Weisman describes how LPG  helps individuals and families give back with more intention.