Does your CSR programming differentiate you in the hearts and minds of employees and customers? ​

Are participation levels high in your employee engagement programs?

Does your CSR programming drive revenue and save cost?

Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs are innovative philanthropic workshops designed to augment and amplify your existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) offerings.  These programs are all about making connections:

  • Building teams by connecting employees to each other
  • Building engagement by connecting employees to you, their employer
  • Building social impact by connecting employees to the communities in which they live and work

Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs provide a structured, hands-on, shared educational experience – as they participate with their colleagues, your employees will give a voice to the values and passions that matter to them the most, and they will gain the clarity needed to take action.  

Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs are designed to be fun, thought-provoking, and educational.  They provide an experience that will grow your employees, enhance your corporate culture, and contribute to your company's bottom line.  

Engage Your Employees. Strengthen Your Brand.


Who We Help

We help companies differentiate themselves in the hearts and minds of their employees and customers through their interactions in the communities where they live and work. 

Our clients understand that unique and innovative corporate citizenship programs are an essential facet of their brand, helping to attract and retain employees, customers, and investors. Employees, customers and investors all watch closely,  and they all know when a company really cares.  How a company behaves has become an important and highly visible facet of a company’s brand.

The challenge is that stakeholder expectations in this area continue to rise exponentially. The typical employee engagement programs of the past are no longer enough. Companies need to be continually providing fresh and compelling programs that contribute directly to the company’s bottom line.  

How We Help

Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs help companies engage employees, build teams, foster professional and personal skills, and in turn boost the impact of their corporate citizenship programs.

We bring participants together and guide them as they clarify and articulate their philanthropic values, passions and vision. They then use that clarity to put a purposeful plan of action in place to honor those values and maximize the impact they can make in the community. The program provides the tools, structure, and skills needed to work collaboratively to identify, evaluate, and connect with nonprofits that share their values and vision. The workshop typically concludes with employees inviting the nonprofits, company leadership, and the press to be part of a celebration where employees either present a grant check or offer to volunteer their time with the nonprofits they have chosen to support. 

Outcomes We Deliver

Employees enjoy an experience that fosters their personal and professional skills, builds their dedication to the company they work for, and makes a huge impact in the community.  The companies we serve get highly energized and productive employees, an inspired new group of brand ambassadors, and stronger communities in which to operate.