Community Foundations


Is your Community Foundation facing increasing competition for donor dollars?

As donor priorities change, is it harder to be seen as the hub of community philanthropy?

Do you wish you could engage your donors more deeply, but just don't have the staff?

 Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs are innovative philanthropic workshops designed to augment and amplify your existing donor services offerings.  These programs are all about making connections:

  • Building teams by connecting donors to each other
  • Building engagement by connecting donors to you, the community foundation
  • Building social impact by connecting donors to the communities in which they live and work

Hands On! Philanthropy provides a structured, hands-on, shared educational experience – as they participate with their peers, your donors will give a voice to the values and passions that matter to them the most, and they will gain the clarity needed to take action.

Hands On! Philanthropy is designed to be fun, thought-provoking, and educational.  It provides an experience that will grow your donor relationships, expand your DAF assets, and help you excel in your role as the hub of community philanthropy.  

Engage Your Donors. Improve Your Impact.


Who We Help

We help community foundations provide more compelling donor programming in order to attract and retain donors in an increasingly competitive market.

Our clients understand that Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are becoming more popular and that they are being offered by an increasing number of financial services companies and other commercial charitable gift funds. They know that that they need to provide fresh and compelling programs to help attract and retain donors and fortify the community foundation’s unique position as a hub of the community’s philanthropic network.  And our clients understand that these compelling donor engagement programs are an essential facet of their brand. 

The challenge is that donor expectations are rising. Donors are becoming increasingly proactive with their philanthropy and they expect services that not only help them give, but that also inform and educate them on how to be more strategic. On top of all of that, the need for nonprofit services in our communities is growing, while nonprofits struggle under the financial strains due to significant changes in the social, economic, and political landscape. 

How We Help

Our Hands On! Philanthropy programs help community foundations build deeper, multi-generational relationships with their donors, and further differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive environment.

We bring participants together and guide them as they clarify and articulate their philanthropic values, passions and vision. They then use that clarity to put a purposeful plan of action in place to honor those values and maximize the impact they can make in the community. We encourage donors to think differently about their wealth and the role philanthropy can play in helping to craft family traditions and legacy. Donors are introduced to the concept of purposeful philanthropy, and how an intentional, well thought out approach to giving can lead to greater impact. 

Outcomes We Deliver

Community Foundations are able to complement and enhance existing donor services and solidify their roles as the hub for community philanthropy. Donors learn about the power of purposeful philanthropy and build their philanthropic skills while making a profound and lasting impact in their communities. The nonprofits the program touches receive an investment in their mission and participate as an integral part of the programs.