Is it becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain clients and their assets?

Would you like to build more resilient, multi-generation relationships with the families you serve?

Do you have a plan to leverage philanthropy as a unique and compelling facet of your brand?

Our 3D Relationships programs are a series of innovative philanthropic workshops designed to engage your clients and help you build a philanthropic facet to your brand.  These programs are all about fortifying your book of business: 

  • Building deeper relationships through conversations about values and vision
  • Building broader relationships by engaging your clients' spouse and children
  • Building more enduring relationships through conversations about family tradition and the meaning of wealth  

Our 3D Relationships programs are structured, interactive, hands-on seminars and workshops. They are designed to be fun, thought-provoking, and educational.  You will help your clients rethink the relationship between wealth, philanthropy and legacy.  They will give a voice to the values and passions that matter to them the most, and they will gain the clarity needed to take action.    

With our 3D Relationships programs you can provide an experience that will engage your clients, enhance your firm's reputation, make an impact in your community, and contribute directly to your bottom line. 

Attract More Clients. Make An Impact.


Who We Help

We help financial advisors attract and retain clients (and their assets) by differentiating themselves in today’s increasingly competitive and commoditized market.  

Our clients understand that they need to build deeper, more resilient relationships. They know the key to long-term success is in becoming their clients’ “most trusted advisor” and retaining client assets over the long haul and through generational transitions. 

The challenge is that many advisors have relationships that begin and end with the primary wealth creator. Most advisors excel in helping their clients gather, grow, protect, and sustain their financial resources. However, in well over 80% of the cases, when a client passes and the assets flow to a spouse or children, those assets end up being managed by someone else. Advisors can change this by engaging their clients and members of the family in deeper, more meaningful discussions around the meaning of wealth and family tradition. However, most advisors lack either the inclination or expertise needed to be comfortable facilitating these conversations. 

How We Help

Our 3D Relationships programs help wealth advisors engage their clients in broader, deeper, multi-generational conversations centered on giving back and building family traditions. 

We bring participants together and guide them as they clarify and articulate their philanthropic values, passions and vision. They then use that clarity to put a purposeful plan of action in place to honor those values and maximize the impact they can make in the community. We encourage participants to think differently about their wealth and the role philanthropy can play in helping to craft family traditions and legacy. Participants are introduced to the concept of purposeful philanthropy, and how an intentional, well thought out approach to giving can lead to greater impact. This is really the same concept behind working with a financial planner on a well thought out financial plan.

Outcomes We Deliver

By blending both financial and values-based discovery and planning techniques, advisors can help clients align their financial plans with their personal values and their desire to make a difference. Their clients enjoy an educational and thought provoking experience that brings generations together and inspires them as they build family traditions, find their unique philanthropic voices, and craft a lasting legacy.  Advisors build more resilient long-term multi-generational relationships with their clients, while differentiating their brand in an increasingly competitive and commoditized market. 


Please note: We do not manage assets or provide legal or financial advice.  Nor do we sell or receive any compensation from the sale of financial or legal products.  We are, however, happy to collaborate with you and other existing financial, legal or tax advisors as appropriate.

Take The 3D Relationships Opportunity Audit!


Deeper, Broader, More Enduring Relationships in 3 Easy Steps:

1) Complete the 3D Relationships Opportunity Audit

Help us learn a little bit about you. Take just a couple of minutes to tell us a few things about yourself, your firm, and your typical client engagement practices.  There is no cost for you to take the audit.

2) Set Up Some Time to Chat

Once you complete your Opportunity Audit, we will reach out to arrange a time for your complimentary 30 minute consultation.  We look forward to getting to know you and your firm even better, and we'll share some observations and suggestions on how you might leverage the philanthropic conversation to build deeper, broader, and more enduring client relationships.

3) Take Action

You have to do things differently if you are interested in changing the status quo.  If you are willing to apply some fresh perspectives and fresh approaches to your practice, then you too can leverage the philanthropic conversation to add value and values to your client relationships. Based on our consultation, we will prepare a summary of recommendations and specific steps for you to take.  

 The Opportunity Audit should take you 10 minutes or less!